Brand Yourself With us

GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIP TRUST (GST) welcomes all the universities with open arms to support the social cause by offering education to the needy students world-wide. expect 5000+ students to participate in the Scholarship Exam. On successfully completing the Exam with good scores, students can enroll into Cameroon / International Colleges & Universities. Universities can offer various levels of scholarships to the students who have cleared the Examination with good scores. The Scholarships Examination is conducted for the students Educationally and the students will be selected for the sponsorship.


The Universities partnered with us also offer the Coupons to the students who have cleared the Scholarship Exam with good scores.

The Coupons may be related to the following purposes:

  • Air Ticket

  • Free Insurance

  • $300 Gift Card

  • $500 worth food

  • $1000 discount in Hostel Fee

  • International Student ID Cards

  • Others

GST has tie-ups with various Universities from different countries that include:

  • India

  • Ukraine

  • USA

  • UK

  • Russia

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Malaysia

  • Singapore

  • European Countries



Today with the growing economy of the country, people have started realizing their social responsibility for their society. The kind hearted people have started inculcating the practice of sharing a component of their monthly / yearly earnings to the needy and poor community. Today, many of the corporates has included the same in their policy. Through this opportunity the corporates get indirect benefit so called branding and besides that the employee’s get the satisfaction of humanity and helping hand.

If you’re a business and corporation you may be in a position to brand your activities in one or more of the following ways:

  • Educating the Children
  • Managing the Social Causes, etc

The branding organizations can tie-up with the GST for the betterment of the company via global recognitions.